Most common reasons for success and failure


• High energy and enthusiasm around the mission
• Staff aligned to the mission and the leader
• All stakeholders are focused and true to the mission
• Strong reputable board committed to the mission and supports the leader
• All constituents know the vision, mission and goals
• Exceptional levels of communication – quality and frequency
• Clear goals and accountability for performance – a balanced scorecard
• Constant 360 feedback
• Basic understanding of financial statements and terms
• Boldness in trying new ways of operating
• Don’t make the same mistake twice
• Efficiency – clearly defined responsibilities to contain costs and time
• Teamwork – back up support and anticipate the needs/work
• Balance Time, Cost and Quality, but never give up on Time or Quality
• Message is clear and simple
• Everyone knows their value to the organization
• Everyone understands Return on Equity, personally and as an organization
• Transparency in every action and in every report issued


• Picking the wrong leader for the wrong reason — is it a career, a job or a vocation
• Hiring based on aptitude rather than attitude
• A culture that is non-inclusive and cloaked in secrecy
• Lack of resources to meet the goals
• No support network
• Asking for help when it’s too late
• Staff not aligned to or embracing the mission
• No shared or individual goals
• No accountability, on-going evaluation or assessment plan
• No implementation of strategic plans or projects
• Goals are perceived to be unattainable
• Conflicts of interest
• Ineffective communication and/or communication by Email only
• Not paying attention to people needs
• Not honoring the customer
• Inefficiency – failure to think and act leanly
• Splintering off resources to try anything, attention off the mission


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