Getting started: Evaluating your position to
reach higher levels of performance

A. The Process of the Self Assessment

1. What are your assets and liabilities?

• Who's on the Board?
• Is the mission clear?
• What is your leadership structure?
• Succession Planning?
• Facilities
• Style of Operations
• Technology
• Financial Situation
• Staff
• Written Policy and Procedures

2. What is your net worth?

• Perceived value of the mission and your brand
• Financial sustainability

B. What do your stakeholders think about you?

• Those you serve
• Your employees
• Your donors and other supporters
• Your Trustees and governance boards

C. How to you rank and value the following four performance indicators?

a. Your customer (those you serve and those who support you)
b. Your operating efficiency and culture
c. Your employees
d. Your financial performance

D. Describe your one-year goals and objectives in the following ways:

1. Top line fundraising goal and source of funding
2. Use of Funds

E. Describe your 5 and 10 year goals as tied to the missio
n in terms of:

1. Growth areas
2. Resource Needs
3. Funding sources

F. Describe your strategic planning


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