What Makes a Successful Team?

The Role of the Leader

• Observe the organization or project and recommend strategy for success
• Be inclusive with high levels of communication
• Take full responsibility, don’t play the blame game
• Be a problem solver, not a bottleneck
• Look for ways to tackle and avoid those reasons for failure
• Recommend ways to build with existing resources to achieve success
• Recommend operating efficiency and additional resources needed
• Set clear goals, timeline and key indicators of success
• Develop a strategic scorecard for success tied to individual and team goals
• Mentor the members, share knowledge and expertise
• Recognize and reward excellent performance
• Deal with poor performance immediately
• Meet the expectations of all stakeholders
• Create opportunities for brainstorming, teambuilding and staff development
• Encourage risk-taking and provide resources, take responsibility for failures
• Be an integral part of the process, while developing people resources
• Have an exit strategy if success is not feasible
• Have a backup plan if team members are failing, be responsible
• Avoid any conflicts of interest
• Maintain confidentiality
• Be professional and fun, and realistic
• Be available and present

The Role of the Staff

• All of the above
• Support, back up and protect all team members and the leader


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