Who is Kathy Anderson?

Kathy is an experienced corporate and nonprofit leader, with a passion for helping board members and staff to recognize and find their own value, and the potential of their organization to grow.

She uses management tools, business experience and common sense as an intuitive leader to create operating environments that are accountable, transparent and unique to the business so that all stakeholders are able to do their best and thrive.

Beginning with a career in international and corporate banking she learned the importance of customer relationships and satisfaction. Moving into a corporate career at Lockheed Finance Corp. and later Lockheed Martin Finance Corp, as CEO she learned the importance of building and empowering collaborative teams to meet the expectations of stockholders, customers, suppliers and staff, with particular emphasis on creating an operating style and culture that produced results.

In the recent phase of her career path, she took on the leadership role at the Catholic Education Foundation as Executive Director to grow the annual fundraising and endowment with a focus on the importance of strategic relationships and an unwavering attention to the donor’s “return on charitable investment”.

She earned a BA in economics from the Santa Clara University, and is a member of the Board of Regents today. She attended leadership and management programs at Stanford University and the Aspen Institute. She is active as a volunteer in local Catholic schools and passionate about serving the underserved with the tools to reverse their circumstances.

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